"[W]e knew that it was important for our family to spend a portion of every day together eating," he said. "And so my wife and I just bit the bullet and we determined that we were going to make breakfast time that time for our family."


Eating together has biblical significance, Elliff said, noting that

Christ used a dining analogy in Revelation 3:20 in referring to His

relationship with the believer: "I ... will dine with him, and he with Me" (NASB). In addition, Elliff said, Jesus detractors made note of his meal guests during His earthly ministry.


"Eating is one of the ways in which any civilization reveals the esteem it holds for individuals," Elliff said.


Interestingly, Gallup found that families in Canada and Great Britain are more likely than families in America to eat a nightly meal together. In Canada 40 percent of families eat together seven nights a week, while in Great Britain 38 percent of families did the same. Additionally, 80 percent of Canadian families eat together at least four nights a week. 


The American poll was based on telephone interviews with 331 adults

with children under the age of 18 and was conducted in December. The Canadian poll was based on 348 interviews, the Great Britain poll 328 interviews.


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