In the Dad Side, you see a man who decided, when his kids were small, to dive into the hard work and fun of fatherhood, unafraid to look silly -- and all for the sake of being there for them. Being a father means “on-the-job training,” Steve says, and it starts from day one: “Those stories about how life changes are absolutely true. On the birthday of my first child, when I walked out of that hospital, the sky seemed bluer, food tasted better, and the songs on the radio were happy and apparently written just for me? I had a reason to be on earth; I was somebody’s dad.”

In his witty and creative way, Steve shows parents how they can make a difference, even when they feel inadequate. You see that parents don’t have to be experts -- just present and willing to raise their kids through thick and thin.

And if you can laugh while you’re learning that, so much the better. Looks as if we can all benefit in some way by going over to the Dad Side.

Rebecca Hagelin, a vice president at The Heritage Foundation, is the author of “Home Invasion: Protecting Your Family in a Culture That’s Gone Stark Raving Mad“ and runs the Web site