Parenting advice for parents of teens on Biblical principles for Christian families and resources for new parents, and single parents. Find resources to help you raise your children according to the Bible and Jesus. On Crosswalk you will also find great resources on homeschool and Christian college.

Parenting Teens - Christian Family Resources

The Language of Biblical Womanhood

How to Communicate with Your Teen

"Being 13": A Look at the New Adolescents

Is Harry Potter Merely Entertainment?

Raising Leaders: Part 3

Raising Leaders: Part 2

After School Jobs -- Be Careful

Mother-Daughter Conversations on Biblical Womanhood

  • Nicole Mahaney Whitacre |
  • August 12, 2005 |
  • comments
Raising Leaders: Part 1

In a culture devoid of morality, we must raise our children to be compassionate, Biblical leaders.

Lessons from My Father

When Your Child Doubts

  • Kent and Barbara Hughes |
  • July 01, 2005 |
  • comments
Graduates: Are You Prepared for the Future?

  • Bruce Bickel & Stan Jantz |
  • June 17, 2005 |
  • comments
How to Raise Kids Who Stand Up for Their Beliefs

Seven tips to help kids stand up for their moral beliefs.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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