Preserve the Memories

Don’t forget to get pictures with your teen. It’s easy to forget while you’re sightseeing. You return home to find hundreds of shots of the sights, pictures of your teen, maybe a few of yourself. But make sure you find other friendly tourists and get some photos of both of you in all the important spots. It may feel awkward to ask a stranger, but you’ll be glad you did. Those pictures together, taken at such memorable times, are priceless.

Then Share the Memories!

Once you’ve returned, don’t let those photos disappear into digital storage! When my daughter and I returned from Italy, I used an online service to put together the best of ours into a photo book, an 8 inch-by-8 inch hardback book with a montage of photos of the two of us on the cover. Include some anecdotes and fun captions. And remember, before you know it your teen will be headed off to college or life outside your home, so order two copies. Someday, your grandchildren will love looking through it.

I’ve traveled the world researching my historical novels, but the trip to Italy to research Pompeii was unlike any of my others, because my traveling partner was 17 years old. It was an adventure for both of us, and a shared memory that we carry into the future.  As parents of faith, we don't have to let concerns over attitudes dampen our enthusiasm. With a bit of forethought, travel with teens can be fantastic.

Historical fiction author T.L. Higley doesn’t just transport readers to the settings of her books, she transports herself as well. Her trips to Greece, Egypt, Jordan and Italy have found their way into her suspense novels, including the popular Seven Wonders series. Her upcoming Pompeii: City on Fire brings to life the lost Roman city buried by a massive volcano.