Key Quote: "If, as Christians, we are called not to be conformed to the pattern of this world (Romans 12:2), shouldn’t we question the worldly assumption that children are burdens rather than blessings? And if we did, wouldn’t it follow that our words would reflect that truth and that families would look different? Shouldn't each Christian couple -- before declaring 'When we're ready, we'll have three' or 'Two's plenty for us!' -- take such weighty matter to the One who knows us better than we know ourselves, who just might have some ideas of His own?"

Reader Comment: "Awesome article! I just loved reading it. It's wonderful to read that there are others like us. Children are not the burdens the world makes them out to be, and I think the church in general needs to be reminded of this. Way to go Barbara!"

Reader Comment: "I find this article pointing to a serious fault and misbehavior on both sides of the birth control debate. Each side should not criticize, demean, or accuse the other side of the choice they make. Both sides are guilty of such. The use of, or the non-use birth control is not a position of orthodoxy, a statement of faith, heresy, or false teaching. I find it offensive to be told either explicitly or implicit that you are not spiritual or walking with God if you disagree with one side or the other, when the decision to have children or not, is personal and part of your relationship to your spouse and Savior."

4. 7 Things I Wish I Had Known in High School by Dave Burchett, Author and Christian Speaker

Abstract: Author and father Dave Burchett shares some hard-won wisdom that will help your teen find Christ in the everyday challenges of high school.

Key Quote: "7. The most important decision I will ever make is who or what I worship. I did figure this one out to some extent in high school. Everyone one worships something or someone."

Reader Comment: “This is such a GREAT article - thank you so so much. I am a 16 y/o girl, with outwardly a ‘perfect’ life and ‘perfect’ family and friends: but inwardly, I struggle so very much with not just my self-worth, but even if my life has any substantial meaning at all. It's a hard thing to live life by faith and not by sight, but it's what God would have me do. This article meant so much to me. I'm going to email it to some friends."

5. Homemade Gift Ideas Under $10 by Mary Hunt, Debt-Proof Living

Abstract: Want to be a better steward of your time, talent, and treasure? Here are numerous gift ideas that not only cost very little, but have that personal touch that makes gifts extra special to those on the receiving end.

Key Quote: "Family Cookbook: Gather up your family’s best-loved recipes and create a family cookbook. Then make copies of it for family members on your list. There are many software programs available for entering your recipes that even calculate nutritional information based on the ingredients. Add illustrations; scan old family photos of the person who is known for making the recipe to include on a particular page. Add a section for birthdays and addresses, too."

Reader Comment: None available.

6. You Attract to Yourself Relationships That Fit You by Dr. Henry Cloud, Author

Abstract: In The Secret Things of God, author Dr. Henry Cloud offers a positive Christian alternative to the best-selling The Secret. He reveals where Scripture transcends and differs from mainstream thought, as he points out spiritual truths that make life work. Read an excerpt.

Key Quote: "There is a law of attraction in this area of life for sure. Dysfunctional people attract dysfunctional people, and healthy people attract healthy people. It’s uncanny how consistent it is."