However, Betty's daughter and family wanted to go to the beach.  Betty encouraged them to go, but said she would stay home and work on the decorations. 

Her daughter insisted otherwise, saying they wouldn't go unless Betty went also.  Tired, Betty continued to encourage them to go without her, which led to a complete misunderstanding between mother and daughter. 


"It took several letters and months," Betty said in conclusion, "to work through."


What Would Mary Do?


If you are a mom who has been misunderstood, don't you feel better knowing you are in good company?  Still, what examples of "handling it" can we glean from Mary's story?


For starters, we don't read anywhere that Mary ever tried to explain herself. 


Secondly, we DO see that Mary stayed true to what God had called her to do: be a godly and devoted mother to His Son.


Lastly, in spite of what might have been thought or even said about her, Mary trusted God and allowed Him to work out the fine details. 


So remember, the next time you are misunderstood as a mother ... you're in very good company!


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