Get support from online safety groups. Check out groups like (the world’s largest online safety group), (a form where parents and experts can talk about safe blogging and social networking) and (a site that provides maps and locations of registered sex offenders in your area).

Encourage your kids to invest in real-world relationships. Make sure that your kids aren’t spending so much time in cyberspace that they’re neglecting their face-to-face relationships with friends in the real world. Give them plenty of creative and productive activities to engage in so they don’t have idle hands, unexercised minds, and uncommitted hearts – which make them more likely to get into trouble online. Encourage your kids to keep growing in how they love God and other people in the real world, so when they get online they can positively influence others rather than having others negatively influence them.

Adapted from MySpace, MyKids: A Parent’s Guide to Protecting Your Kids and Navigating, copyright 2007 by Jason Illian. Published by Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Or.,

Jason Illian was named one of the top 20 students in America by USA Today. His role on ABC’s The Bachelorette has opened doors for him to speak across the country on abstinence, transformational leadership, and faith. He has also written Undressed: The Naked Truth about Love, Sex, and Dating, published by Time Warner.