Your God-given Role

No matter what, you make the calls. Don't be afraid to ask advice but don't be afraid to ignore it either. Don't measure success by whether or not your child is happy with your decisions. Your child's feelings on your decisions do not determine your worth as a parent. Throughout history, parents have been familiar with the sound of stomping feet and yells of defiance. Your child's reaction does not make your decision wrong any more than it makes it right.

Jesus refers to God as, "the good Father (Luke 11:12-14)," yet His children have stomped their feet, complained, cried, rebelled, cursed, and said, "That's not fair!" Yet He is still the good Father.

In the end, you have to do what you think is right and best for the life you brought into the world. Don't let any other person make those decisions for you.

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 Lee Wilson is on staff at Family Dynamics Institute, a marriage and family ministry that trains church leaders, counselors and lay couples to lead marriage-enrichment classes. You can visit their web site at
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