"Where's the baby Jesus?" I questioned as I searched through every piece of paper. "Hey, guys. Help me find Him. We can't have Christmas without the baby Jesus!"


"Well, what do you know. Mom finally got it right!" a little voice exclaimed. "There's only one thing we really can't have Christmas without.  It's the baby Jesus!" 


There were tears in my eyes as I searched the room. I found the ceramic infant sleeping under the piano - next to the star! "Who cares how the room looks," I thought, "as long as we have the baby Jesus."


A Mother's Prayer This Christmas:

Lord, thank you for my children and their healthy exuberance.  And thank you for the lessons they teach me about You. Please don't let me get sidetracked by all the glittery things that life has to offer.  Give me a focused heart, dear God, one that fully comprehends the fact that all I really need is Jesus.



Gwendolyn Mitchell Diaz is first and foremost a wife and the mother of four sons. In addition, she has recently entered the world of communications as a writer and speaker. Gwen combines her passion for teaching biblical truths, her own experiences as a wife and mother, and a wonderful sense of humor to share God's truths in a new and exciting way. 


She is the author of: The Adventures of Mighty Mom (Here She Comes To Save The Day ... If Only She Can Find the Keys); Mighty Mom's Secrets For Raising Super Kids (Guidelines for the Adventure Called Parenting); Sticking Up For What I Believe (Answers to The Spiritual Questions Teenagers Ask);

Sticking Up For What Is Right (Answers to the Moral Dilemmas Teenagers Face); Sticking Up For Who I Am (Answers to the Emotional Issues Teenagers Raise).