I could tell by her expression and silence that she just was not sure and like all of us from time to time, she needed something more tangible. Something she could see. I found myself starting yet another prayer with, "Please God... ," however this one was not for a good test score or healthy baby, this was for help in reassuring my daughter.


My prayer was answered as we watched a CNN update; my eyes filled with tears as they showed a 4-year-old boy being pulled from the devastation. Emaciated, yes.  Dehydrated, yes. But six days after that tragedy, alive. 


As a parent, my tears were for this poor child, his suffering and his loss. However, my tears were also because it was far too easy to see my own young children in his frightened, innocent eyes, even half way around the world. 


The reporter then used the word miracle. My daughter looked at me and asked, "Only God can do a miracle, right?" I nodded. She smiled and hugged me and as my tears fell into her hair, she whispered, "See Mommy? There really is a God."   


I love being a parent.


Linda Sharp is an internationally recognized humorist who writes regularly on the joyous and frustrating world of parenting. She is also creator of the totally irreverent and hysterical website, Sanity Central - A Time Out from Parenting. Her latest book, Stretchmarks On My Sanity: The Growing Pains of Raising a Family, has earned her rave reviews and comparisons to the late Erma Bombeck. As a mother of three children (four if you count her husband), she firmly believes that laughter IS the best medicine. Lighten up your load and visit www.sanitycentral.com