Feed your kids’ imaginations. Equip your kids to weave eternal truths into the deep questions raised by the popular culture around them. Teach them about the power of story by reading to, and with, them often. Give them plenty of unstructured time for creative play. Help them understand how God can transform the bad experiences in their lives into good results (healing and greater maturity). Urge them to discover and fully use their God-given talents to contribute to the world. Don’t restrict their imaginations; let the Holy Spirit guide them fully in their creative pursuits. Encourage them to ask whatever questions they want to ask, and give them the freedom they need to pursue the answers.

Adapted from Ambassador Families: Equipping Your Kids to Engage Popular Culture, copyright 2005 by Mitali Perkins. Published by Brazos Press, a division of Baker Publishing Group, Grand Rapids, Mich., www.brazospress.com.

Mitali Perkins is a freelance writer who has lived in Bangladesh, Thailand, India, Great Britain, Mexico, Ghana, Cameroon, and Austria, and has traveled extensively throughout Asia. Her fiction for youth includes Monsoon Summer, and her articles have appeared in Christianity Today, Christian Parenting Today, Discipleship Journal, Prism, U.S. Catholic, Campus Life, and Presbyterians Today.