Live all of your singlehood—however long it may be—for God’s glory. Enjoy what there is to enjoy, and learn from what there is to learn. Trust in God for everything, just like your married friends should be doing. And don’t look to marriage as your purpose, solace, and reward.

Pray that God would make himself to be all of those things to you. After all, what did the commencement speaker tell you during your college’s graduation ceremony? That life is all about learning, right? Learning doesn’t stop just because you’re leaving college.

But who came up with that idea first? Not any commencement speaker, but the One who commenced all things. And continues to commence new things in each one of us. 


From his smorgasboard of church experience, ranging from the Christian and Missionary Alliance to the Presbyterian Church in America, Tim Laitinen brings a range of observations to his perspective on how we Americans worship, fellowship, and minister among our communities of faith. As a one-time employee of a Bible church in suburban Fort Worth, Texas and a former volunteer director of the contemporary Christian music ministry at New York City's legendary Calvary Baptist, he's seen our church culture from the inside out. You can read about his unique viewpoints at