Q: How do you see grown women, even Christian women, trying to deal with this question? 
 Many of us pretend and many of us become functional addicts, trying to drown out the voices in our heads that tell us we are unworthy and unlovely.  A woman might have one glass of wine for dinner, but the rest of the bottle after everyone is gone.  Reasonable shopping out with the girls, but reckless spending later via catalogs.  Responsible Internet use with the children, but late nights in chat rooms with inappropriate discussions.  We smile a lot, dance around it, hide the pain with some forms of pleasure.  But soon the pleasure is gone. The thrill is gone. The desire is gone. And we are still left with the question, unanswered.
Q: Where does the desire for beauty originate?  Is it merely a cultural phenomenon in our Western world?
 I truly believe that the longing to be known as beautiful is part of our design as women. God put us together this way on purpose. I have been talking to women, discussing this idea. I have been in meetings with some of the most brilliant women I've ever known. Women who run companies, dress like someone out of Vogue magazine, have engaging relational skills, and just plain intimidate every other woman they meet.  Even these women are haunted by the question (Am I beautiful?).

Q: There will be women who hear you and think, "I don't even ask-I know I'm not beautiful." What do you say to these women?
 Me too. Or at least that used to be me. But what I most want to tell these women is that God calls them beautiful; He is enthralled with their beauty. I am telling you that the God of Heaven and earth is wild about you!  He's smitten, He's consumed, He's so taken with you! Let Him make you captivating. How much more of your life do you want to pass?