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The Single Life: Take the Closet Challenge

It’s not strictly necessary to wait for a tornado to deal with the clutter in your closet while hiding there. Any time will do. And it’s a project that can be done in stages, so don’t get overwhelmed.

Jesus ... Single Like Me: Building Your Ministry

So many times we get ahead of God, wanting to have a singles’ ministry for something fun to do. Jesus teaches the importance of building our ministries and ourselves on solid ground.

The Relational Economy: Currency - Part 4

Nothing created by God is lacking SOME beauty. Anything made by God is fearfully and wonderfully made. That includes you—beautiful.

  • Hudson Russell Davis |
  • May 03, 2011 |
  • comments
He Said-She Said: Living in a Married World

What’s a single person to do when her co-workers are married and all they talk about are spouses and children? Find out what “he” and “she” have to say.

  • Cliff Young & Laura MacCorkle |
  • April 28, 2011 |
  • comments
What Agreements Have You Made with the Enemy?

Many of us may have accepted a misguided comment or thought and allowed it to shape who we have become, and it stands in the way of who we should be.

The Single Life: How Will You Observe Holy Week?

This year during Holy Week I’ve decided to focus my thoughts in an attempt to more fully grasp what Easter is all about. Care to join me? Here’s my daily observance plan.

What Guys Think About Modesty

What is a woman's role in helping her brothers in Christ choose holiness over worldliness? Hear excerpts from CJ Mahaney's powerful and eye-opening sermon titled "The Soul of Modesty."

The Relational Economy: Currency - Part 3

Surely love is in the business of making things beautiful and not just taking things beautiful. Surely a relational currency based on God's love between us makes better sense than the volatile economy in which we live.

  • Hudson Russell Davis |
  • April 07, 2011 |
  • comments
He Said-She Said: Involvement with Married People

Are you attracted to or involved with someone who is married, separated or engaged? What’s a single to do in situations such as these?

  • Cliff Young & Laura MacCorkle |
  • March 31, 2011 |
  • comments
Jesus … Single Like Me: He Modeled Leadership

In just one passage (John 6:1-14), Jesus, single like me, shows me how to be a true leader and how I can be a leader of whatever God wants me to lead.

Contrasting Singleness vs. Alone-ness in Ministerial Hiring

"Single" and "alone" are not synonymous. A person can be married and alone just as one can be single and live a full life in community.

  • John Mark Reynolds |
  • March 28, 2011 |
  • comments
Solo Zone: Gays, Christians and Holiness

“Are you gay?” Even in evangelical Christianity, probably even in your church, single adults can’t avoid the question. Especially the longer we stay single.

The Single Life: Baby Steps to Better Health

There is something about the beginning of springtime that seems to make healthier choices somewhat more appealing. Maybe it comes from shedding the sweaters for T-shirts or the uncomfortable realization that we just polished off an entire box of Thin Mints and called it dinner. (Or is that just me?)

After Tragedy, How Will We Live?

Tragedy can happen to any one of us, and everything we have ever known may be gone. What would you be left with and how are you going to live your life differently as a result?

The Relational Economy: Currency - Part 2

There is a myth that the “beautiful” have it made relationally. Some imagine the “beautiful” get married and the “ugly” remain single. Nothing is that simple, and the relational economy is no exception.

  • Hudson Russell Davis |
  • March 15, 2011 |
  • comments
It's All a Matter of Perspective

Despite the struggles we go through in life, how can we ask for more? God gave up his only son for us already. So let’s start to see our lives from God’s perspective as we start to understand his ways.

The Relational Economy: Currency - Part 1

Despite the greater spiritual nature of the relational economy, we are mystified by the currency of relationships. Even when two people value the same things it seems as though they hold distinctly different tenders.

  • Hudson Russell Davis |
  • March 03, 2011 |
  • comments
He Said-She Said: Stop Thinking About Finding a Mate

"They say that the moment you stop thinking about finding a mate is the moment it will happen for you. But is it even possible to stop thinking about it?" Great question! Read how "he" and "she" have responded.

  • Cliff Young & Laura MacCorkle |
  • February 24, 2011 |
  • comments
Rise Up and Move: Are You Ready?

In life, we often focus on the things that haven't changed or the things we are still struggling with. Through R.I.S.E. you can measure and allow the Lord to reward you for the steps you have made toward change.

Lead a Life Worthy of Your Calling: The New Has Come

As new creations, our purposes, perspectives of life and desires should change. If we are new creations in Christ, our desire is to delight in his perfection, not in struggling over our imperfections.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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