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The Men in Christ’s Life: The Man at the Healing Pool

I used to think it was a dumb question when Jesus asked the man at the healing pool if he wanted to be healed. Of course he wants to be healed. Look at what he is living in. Look at what is around him. Why would he want to stay there? Yeah, but why would I want to stay where I am? Why would you?

Coaching Corner: The Cliff

Cliff jumping is essential to the process of personal transformation. Without leaping off a few terrifying precipices, you will never become all that you were created to be.

  • Michael D. Warden |
  • August 20, 2007 |
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Why Men Need Friends

Men are raised to be naturally independent, to not depend on someone else and to not show “need.” As a result, we think that if we do ask for help we show weakness, and that’s one of the underlying reasons that men can find it more difficult to give their lives over to Christ.

Single Moms: Move Forward with Confidence

As a single mom, you’ve lost the dream of what life might have been like for your family if your children’s dad was still at home with you. But you’re not condemned to a miserable life just because of your circumstances.

Called to Contentment: Living Happily, Here and Now

Living by callings means that we are living in the paths that God created for us. We are seizing today to make the most of the opportunities God has given us in this moment.

  • Jennifer A. Marshall |
  • August 08, 2007 |
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Discontent with Today's Man

Singles Q&A: How Do You Catch His Attention?

How does a woman appropriately, biblically, humbly, and submissively go about “cracking the twigs and stirring the leaves”? A friend of mine said that it seems like girls end up “breaking logs and throwing leaves” too vigorously at times.”

Hollywood and Choosing Your Mate - Part 2

In the final part of my series on Hollywood and mate selection, I’m going to focus on some ways you can "reprogram" your brain to better select the love of your life.

  • Neil Clark Warren, Ph.D. |
  • July 30, 2007 |
  • comments
Hollywood and Choosing Your Mate - Part 1

When talking to singles about mate selection, I always try to take great care not to alarm them. Unfortunately, the raw facts about choosing someone to live with and love well for a lifetime can be daunting.

  • Neil Clark Warren, Ph.D. |
  • July 25, 2007 |
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Marriage Is Just a Piece of Paper - Part 3

I truly believe countless lives would change for the better if people were told The Naked Truth about the benefits of marriage. Families could not continue to be in such disarray if true believers—not make-believers—began to evangelize their communities about marriage.

Here Comes the Bride ... But When?

Now and Not Yet is a new book by Jennifer Marshall, a colleague who knows what many of today’s single people are going through. Believe me, if you’re single and questioning—or if you know someone who is—this book will provide some extraordinary peace of mind.

What's Right with You?

Here’s a challenge: trying focusing on what’s right in your life. Of course, there are times when there are so many things wrong with a person or a situation that it’s clearly time for a change. But I have found that more often than not, our thoughts can be out of balance.

The Making of a Friendship

We probably know more about David’s entire life than most any other person in the Bible. But, beyond all of the lessons we can learn from his reign as king, it was the time prior to him taking the throne that we can learn the most in regards to true friendship.

Marriage Is Just a Piece of Paper - Part 2

The lie that marriage is just a piece of paper is usually cloaked in other common little lies. They are so cliché that nobody questions them anymore, and most people miss what is really being said.

Settling for Less Than the Best

You know the routine. You’ve been dating a guy for a year and a half. He’s nice enough, your friends and family like him, but, like a stale piece of gum, the zip isn’t there.

Worrying Won't Change a Thing!

What has you worried or anxious these days? Is it a relationship, a child, money or perhaps something unexpected that has taken you by surprise? Whatever it is, large or small, I have a simple message: Worrying doesn’t change anything.

Coaching Corner: Between the Dreaming and the Coming True

In my work with clients, a lot of the focus naturally centers on the question, “What does it really take to make a dream come true?” The process for moving a dream from a place of “deep desire” to “reality” is actually fairly simple.

Singles Q&A: Bride or Breadwinner

When you marry, your marriage is supposed to point beyond you to the mystery of Christ and his church. Your job is not seen in the same light in Scripture. You would be truly living counter-culturally if you put your best efforts into your marriage over your career.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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