For example, think for a moment about one relationship you have right now that you've been praying about the most these days. Picture that person standing in front of you, and imagine that the space between you represents your relationship as it is right now. This space represents the alliance the two of you share. It represents the agreements that you have made – both spoken and unspoken – that define your relationship, and govern the way that you interact with each other. As you focus on the alliance that you share with this person, consider your responses to these questions:

  • What’s beautiful about your alliance? What do you love about it?

  • Where is the alliance weak?

  • Where is it breaking down?

  • What needs to change about this alliance?

  • What would make this alliance even more powerful?

Write out your impressions and thoughts, then make the brave step to go to this person and share what you discovered. Ask him or her to work with you to co-design your relationship in a way that makes it as life-giving and powerful as it can be for both of you!


Michael D. Warden is a Professional Co-Active Coach, nationally certified through the Coaches Training Institute, and a member of the International Coach Federation. Michael’s clients’ one common trait is their passion to live a bigger life — to discover what they're here for, and boldly go after that vision with confidence and authenticity. Find more on his life and work at