The time to begin to apply these principles is not when you find yourself attracted to someone.  The time is now!  Let me say it one more time:  God is more concerned that you are the right kind of person than whether you are using the "right" system.  Be who He has called you to be and trust that He will honor your passion for Him as well as your desire for a relationship.

No dating system is perfect.  But we should still strive to honor God in how we find a spouse.  I find it interesting that when I read Christian biographies, how Christian couples got together is rarely emphasized.  Their examples teach us that personal godliness - not dating, courtship, or betrothal - is what made their marriages what they were.

The same is true of us.  How we respond to the gospel is the primary factor in making us who we are and in guiding how we navigate the road to marriage.  The importance of having a biblical plan for relationships cannot be overstated.  My prayer is that this book will cause you to evaluate your thinking and become more Christlike as a result.  May God grant you His wisdom in your relationships and the satisfaction found only in salvation through Jesus Christ.

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Dr. Rick Holland is the pastor of College and Student Ministries at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, and an instructor at The Master's College and Seminary.  Rick is a regular conference speaker, both nationally and internationally, and preaches weekly to a ministry of over one thousand collegians.  Rick and his wife, Kim, have three sons.