A similar principle applies to guilt. The promise of forgiveness enables us to release our guilt. When we truly experience forgiveness we can let go of our concern about the mismanagement of past events. We are no longer bound by the past and are instead liberated to live fully in the present.


What's more, as we endeavor to live in a way that is true to our inner thoughts, convictions, and inclinations, we will increase the likelihood of living in the present. We will manage daily events and problems in a more thorough and thoughtful way, thereby creating less guilt. As we experience our ability to work wisely through each new challenge, we become more and more assured that we will be able to handle whatever our future holds.


Our mastery of the present reduces our anxiety about the future and frees us to focus even more on the immediate. This is the powerful momentum that emotional health tends to create for us. On the other hand, when forgiveness and hope are absent for us, the same powerful momentum is equally likely in reverse.


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