Many people, of course, struggle mightily with the appropriate time and way to express anger and sexual feelings. It’s a struggle that has been around since the very beginning.  Soon after the Bible’s account of Creation, the story is told of unbridled anger leading one brother to kill another.  And we can see the ricochet effects of that same angry force through every generation since.


The results of three decades of “sexual revolution” have left us with major problems of every sort. For instance, a million teenage girls find themselves pregnant every year, and the percentage of births to unwed mothers continues to rise.  In some American cities, 85 to 90 percent of all teenagers who give birth are unwed mothers.


Then there’s the high rate of divorce and marital dissatisfaction.  Researchers point to poor mate selection as a primary cause of these problems, and the inability to manage sexual impulses frequently plays a crucial role since early sexual involvement impairs objective decision making.


The bottom line is clear: Millions of Americans have developed ineffective ways to handle sexual urges and anger, and this has resulted in significant heartache and chaos.


Perfection of moral virtue does not wholly take away the passions, but regulates them. – Thomas Aquinas


Used with permission from "Love the Life You Live" by Les Parrott, Ph.D. & Neil Clark Warren, Ph.D., published by  Tyndale, 2003. Visit to find the love of your life.