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QUESTION: Have you ever noticed that the most attractive and interesting women seem to be attracted to men who don't treat them very well? And that the "nicer" you are to a woman the more she often seems to act like "just a friend" to you? Women aren't usually romantically attracted to "nice" guys. Women are attracted to men who are funny, confident, and mysterious. Good looks don't hurt, but if you're not 6'4" tall and model-handsome, then you have to learn how to attract women with your personality. And being "nice" isn't going to do it for you. 

HE SAID: This is an intriguing observation and a debatable question, something many (nice) guys have probably considered in the past, including myself.

It may seem as if “attractive” women are in relationships with “not so nice” men, however to say most are or to generalize the nicer you are to a woman the more she often seems to act like ‘just a friend’ to you may not be completely accurate nor as simplistic.

Media has sold us on the concept “nice guys finish last” and women are attracted to “disrespect,” but my married female friends (all of whom are very attractive and interesting) are with respectful, God-fearing, polite, good, kind men.

Many of us have been misled to follow only Jesus the “nice” God—the passive gentleman playing with children, the teacher peacefully standing before a group of followers, or the well-groomed Lord calmly knocking at the door.

However, the God I follow is full of passion and conviction who lives with a burning desire to share his Word, fighting for the souls of man and standing up to those who come against him. 

Girls don’t grow up dreaming about someday marrying (just) a “nice” guy. Their desire is a “knight in shining armor,” someone who will sweep them off of their feet, take them on an adventure, protect them from all evil, and is willing to fight for whom he loves. 

The reason some women may not be attracted to “nice” guys is because they are only that, nice. There’s nothing wrong with it, but the notion of a quiet, simple, pleasant guy doesn’t conjure up excitement in a girl’s mind.

While that knight may be nice, he is also confident in whom he is, has a cause to fight for, knows what he wants in life and pursues the woman he desires.

Don’t change who you are or try to be what you think would be “more attractive.” Be a man of passion and conviction as our God is and who he made us to be.

SHE SAID: “Bad boys, bad boys ... whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do?” Sorry, but that lyric kept playing through my mind while reading your question.

That aside, I think you bring up a great point about the kind of guys that seem to attract some women (not all . . . and not most, in my opinion). Just as men are intrigued by women who are “hard to get,” I think that some women are intrigued with men who are a little “dangerous.” I remember the John Bender character in the ‘80s film The Breakfast Club played by Judd Nelson. He was the loner-loser-leather-jacket-wearing-guy who was stuck in high school detention on a Saturday along with other kids, one of whom was the class “sweetheart” Claire, played by Molly Ringwald.