It is a corny story. But the point is clear: certain actions create results. By taking concrete steps to engender passion and romance you keep that flame alive throughout the years of your marriage.


Consider these simple, effective steps:


1. As obvious as it sounds, you and your partner need to spend time together.


I mean ample and consistent time together. Some couples don't see each other all week and then expect the romance to rekindle on Saturday night.


2. Take time each day to consciously pull for each other.


Spend plenty of time praying for your mate. This greatly affects our love for each other. When you pray for your partner, he or she is right at the center of your consciousness. All your hopes and best wishes are focused on that person as you ask God to intervene in his or her life.


3. Find a way both of you can serve each other.


Caring for others makes us feel good about ourselves. We are most attractive to those people in whose presence we feel best about ourselves. When you and your spouse serve together and feel great about it, all kinds of positive, loving feelings are bound to follow.


This is just a solid beginning. Let me applaud you for taking the time and energy to investigate this problem while you are still single. Your commitment to learning about passion and romance means that, when you do choose to marry again, you and your wife can grow your passion over the years instead of watching it wither.


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