You may think God has passed you by, or that your life is a waste. But, if you are a believer and are open to God's call, that could not be further from the truth.

Moses was 80-years-old when God called him into service. Even though he lived for 120 years, he did not experience the true power of living in God's will until the final one-third of his life.

Think about that. One of the most recognizable figures in the Bible-an average man whom God utilized in a manner never seen before or since-did not discover God's will until two-thirds of his life had passed! And look at what God was able to accomplish in that final period of Moses' life!

Does this mean that we should remain idle and apathetic to God until the twilight of our lives? Of course not. But Moses' life is a clear example of how God can use us anytime and anywhere, despite what we may have done in the past and regardless of our circumstances. God can take the most difficult, painful, or sinful situation and mold it, prune it, and completely reverse it for His ultimate purpose.

Perhaps you're mired in an adverse situation or struggling with conforming to society's standardized, inflexible timeline. If so, the only way you will ever experience true peace is through surrendering your will to God's timing.

P> When we're on God's clock, we'll never be late.