Yet obviously, the primary way societies perpetuate themselves is through marriage and family. It remains to be seen how long a society can continue functioning effectively when families start outnumbering marriages. Which is the direction much of Western civilization has been marching for years.

Against this backdrop of social change and indiscriminate mores, and regardless of the ways and reasons people marry, singles of faith can testify to God’s provision of marriage by the way we treat it.

For example, by our very willingness to forgo jumping in the matrimonial pool out of desperation, we promote the legitimacy of marriage. By abstaining from extramarital sex, we promote the marriage covenant’s procreative benefit to society. By not pegging our self-worth on our marital status, we demonstrate a recognition that marriage cannot fulfill us and holds no automatic keys to happiness. Plus, the fewer misconceptions we hold about the purpose and benefits of marriage, the more joyful we’ll be as followers of Christ, regardless of our marital status.

We also testify to the primacy of marriage as our testimonies of patience and reliance on God’s sovereignty correspondingly bequeath upon holy matrimony our appreciation of the role it plays in our faith and society.

It’s not just married evangelicals who should redeem marriage from our culture. Oftentimes, the value of something is not simply seen in our possession of it, but how we treat it when we don’t possess it.

That means even singles have a role to play in preserving the sanctity of matrimony.

For God’s glory, and our good.


From his smorgasboard of church experience, ranging from the Christian and Missionary Alliance to the Presbyterian Church in America, Tim Laitinen brings a range of observations to his perspective on how we Americans worship, fellowship, and minister among our communities of faith. As a one-time employee of a Bible church in suburban Fort Worth, Texas and a former volunteer director of the contemporary Christian music ministry at New York City's legendary Calvary Baptist, he's seen our church culture from the inside out. You can read about his unique viewpoints at