Society often gives singles the message that they’re missing out on the best in life.  But you don’t have to be married to experience complete fulfillment.  Singleness isn’t a curse; it’s a gift God wants you to open and use to its fullest.  You can be whole without a “better half.”


Here are some ways you can live a whole, fulfilling life as a single person:


Cultivate contentment.  Recognize that God’s ideas are better than yours.  Trust in God’s infinite wisdom, realizing that He can satisfy the deepest desires of your heart in ways that go beyond what you can imagine.  Know that God always plans the best for you – whether or not that includes a spouse (and if so, who the person is, and when you will meet).  Acknowledge that God is sovereign and that His will is sufficient.  Understand that the level of joy in your life doesn’t depend on your circumstances.  Rather, it depends on how close you are to God.  Ask the Holy Spirit to help you become content and experience true joy.


Be proactive.  Decide to quit living in limbo, waiting for marriage before you live to the fullest.  Commit now to use your talents, take risks God calls you to take, and give your all to living a passionate life of faith.  Know that your time is precious and meant to be used well so it’s not wasted.


Let your suffering grow your faith.  Don’t let your unfulfilled longings destroy you; instead, respond to them in ways that can strengthen you.  Release your dreams of marriage to God so they don’t become idols for you.  Decide to trust in God’s plan for your life, as He reveals it, one piece at a time.  Believe that your life will be more fulfilling in God’s control than if you try to wrest control of it yourself.


Persevere.  Press on with determination, trusting that God is good and that His promises are true.  Build a close relationship with God through prayer so you can get to know Him and trust Him better.  Ask God to show you how you can use your singleness as a platform to bless others and how, free of marital responsibilities, you can channel your extra time and energy in positive directions.