Don’t look for love in all the wrong places.  Realize that only God is capable of ultimately fulfilling you.  Don’t waste time and energy trying to find love and significance based on your achievements or relationships with other people.  Instead, be secure in the knowledge that your position as God’s beloved child is all you need.  Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal your motives so you can better understand yourself.  Focus on Jesus, your eternal Bridegroom who loves you more than any earthly spouse possibly could.  No matter what, remember that you belong to Him.

Adapted from Living Whole Without a Better Half, copyright 2000 by Wendy L. Widder.  Published by Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, Mich.,     


Wendy Widder graduated from Cedarville College, Cedarville, Ohio, and has worn six bridesmaid dresses.  She has taught the fifth grade, served on her church staff, and been involved in the singles’ ministry at her church for more than 10 years.