If this wisdom resonates with you, then you’ll certainly benefit from making a home for yourself. But if you’re a follower of Christ, you have the opportunity to go even deeper. Yes, care about building a home, but care more about nurturing a home for your heart.

How to Be at Home Anywhere

You may have heard the lovely, old-fashioned expression “your abode” when referring to your home. “Abode” comes from the verb “to abide,” which means “to dwell, reside, or remain.”

Jesus used the phrase, “abide” when he explained to his disciples how they should live out their faith every day. He shared the secret in John 15:4, “Abide in Me.” Be at home with Me.

To be at home with God means you choose to remain with him. You’re not coming and going in your relationship. You allow nothing in your life that would separate you from a close relationship—no sin unconfessed, no hobby or interest into which he is not welcomed.

To be at home with God also means you live completely in his love. God never says, “Come back when your heart is tidier or your motives match your true color scheme.” He always says, “Come, come as you are.” Make yourself at home in Me.

I have learned that I can more easily extend real love and hospitality to those I welcome into my home when I am first at home with Jesus. I’ve also learned that when I abide in Christ, I can be at home with him wherever I am. 

Sometimes when I travel for work I get stuck in some far-from-home airport due to bad weather or a missed flight. Longing for my soft socks, familiar surrounds, and my kitties in far-away Dallas, I find a quiet place in my heart where I know that I am home already.

Because I am abiding with Jesus. Even though no one waits up for me at home, his sweet presence is waiting with me there. There, in Dulles, LaGuardia or O’Hare airport, I am already home. 

Jesus invites us, Make yourself at home with Me. The welcome mat is out. Pull up a pillow and rest. 

Barb Peil has realized recently how rich and fruitful it is to be a woman after God’s heart—single or married, young or mature, fulfilled or struggling in any other area of life—doesn’t matter. It all comes down to ‘my heart for God.’ You can read her blog at Letters2Myself.com—a website for all women to seek and share wisdom at every stage of life.