10. Be aware that your own addictions may resurface. Those could include overspending, overeating, drinking or drug use. Often we try to soothe our emotional pain by overspending or overeating.


Above all I pray you will be kind to yourself. Have realistic expectations of what Christmas will be for your family. Create your own good memories with your own family or your "adopted family".


Remember Mary's first Christmas was probably not what she expected. She probably did not plan on delivering Jesus in a barn, but what a blessed and glorious night. May God be your peace and joy this Christmas.


Kimberly Chastain is a Professional Life Coach and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Kimberly is also the author of the ebook entitled, "Pearls of Encouragement for Christian Working Moms." She has a passion for working with Christian Working Moms to help them find satisfaction in all their many different roles. To find out more go to www.christianworkingmom.com. You can order the ebook and sign up for a free introductory coaching session.