Sovereign Grace: For those who've already read your book, do you think it's still worth it to come hear you talk about it?

Josh: Definitely. There's something invaluable about gathering with other Christians who are walking through similar seasons of life, worshiping together, experiencing God's presence in worship, and hearing his Word preached. I'm aware as a writer and a speaker how very different those forms of communication are. There are things that you can receive in a book – things you can go back to and reflect on – that are very powerful, but God's Word preached is its own form of communication and I think the Spirit uses it in a unique way. So even for those who have "kissed dating goodbye," read all the books, and agree with everything, I think God will meet us in a unique way when we come together with a spirit of faith.

I also think there will be aspects that are going to be emphasized in a fresh way at the conference. It's not like we'll be reading chapters from the books! I think you're going to get fresh perspectives, fresh applications on these topics. That's really one of the most powerful things about New Attitude: you get to hear a message, and then you get to go and talk about it with others. You'll hear things through them that you didn't even hear in the original message.

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