Maybe it’s time to heal on the Sabbath. Time to be rebels, to take our risks of faith. To say (with great love, not great anger) “dear world, I am going to do what it is that Jesus has asked me to do. I cannot worry about what you will think of me. My desire is to please Him, not you; though I will pray that in the process I might please you, too. But if I don’t, I will be okay with that.”

If we are to be rebels, let us be so with the greatest love, the fire of faith. Let’s ask to be kept humble. Try to concern ourselves with nothing save the love of Christ and all His beloved. And if you find yourself on People of Wal-Mart, so be it. Just please God.

Sarah Hart is a singer, songwriter and speaker who has always found her passion for music and words at the intersection of her love for faith and life. She is a Grammy® nominated songwriter (“Better Than A Hallelujah”), and her songs have been recorded by numerous artists such as Amy Grant, Matt Maher, The Newsboys, Sandi Patty and Audrey Assad. Her music can be found in film and television, as well as at the Tom Tichenor Children’s Theater in Nashville where she is a songwriter and voiceover artist. She speaks and performs regularly at churches, colleges, folk clubs, and pretty much anywhere she’s asked to go. Sarah will admit whole-heartedly that her favorite “job” is being a wife and mom.

She and her husband Kevin make their home with their two terrific girls in Nashville, TN. Check out Sarah's music here and here, and find her on Facebook.

Publication date: August 14, 2012