There is one sense in which God offers to every man and woman the gift of “marriage.” I am not speaking of the gift of a human spouse but of an eternal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


The Bible teaches that human marriage is intended to be a picture of a far more significant love relationship. In the earthly picture of marriage, as God designed it, a man chooses a woman and asks her to be his wife. If she is willing to become his wife, they take their place before witnesses, where they enter into a lifelong covenant, pledging their love and devotion to each other. They are no longer two separate individuals; they have united their lives and become “one flesh.” 


The man gives the woman his name and assumes responsibility for her care and well-being.  He takes the woman under the covering of his love and leadership, and commits himself to protect and provide for her. The wife gladly takes her place under the protection of her husband, reverencing him and submitting herself to his leadership. 


Through their union, new life springs forth, and they leave behind a seed that will carry on their name and reproduce the heart they have passed on to their children.


And so, marriage illustrates a spiritual union that is available to every man, woman and child. One day, two thousand years ago, the Lord Jesus left His home in heaven and came to this earth in search of a bride. He chose us to be that bride—not because we were lovely or lovable, not because we had anything at all to offer Him, but simply because He is a lover and He wanted to love us.  Before He found us, we belonged to another—to this world, to sin, and to Satan.  Yet Jesus loved us so much that He paid the price of His lifeblood on a hill called Calvary, to purchase us for Himself. 


He took the initiative to enter into an eternal “marriage” with us. He has expressed His desire to be our “husband”— to love us, care for us, and take us as His own.  If we are willing to simply say “I do,” by faith, we may be eternally united with Him. When we enter into that covenant, He gives us His name (“sons of God”) and He assumes full responsibility for our protection and provision.  We, on our part, agree to take our place under His loving authority, reverencing Him and surrendering our lives to Him.


The goal of our union is that we might bring forth spiritual fruit—others who bear the Name and the likeness of our heavenly Bridegroom.


Whether you are married or single, there is One who loves you more than any human being could ever love you. He longs to have an intimate love relationship with you. He invites you to be united with Him in a marriage that will last forever.  He loves you in spite of your past failures and sin.  But that sin required that He shed His blood on the cross. Those who truly want to belong to Him will respond to His sacrificial love by turning from their sin and embracing His righteousness.


Have you ever said “I do” to the Lord Jesus? Have you given up your independence and your own ways in order to become one with Him?  Have you gladly and wholeheartedly surrendered your will to His?