This is the journey you’ve described in your question. I would encourage you, therefore, to press on. Continue to study these passages and let them settle into your soul — both the seriousness of envy and intense delight of being saved because of the loving kindness of the Lord. Seek not to graze at the tables that have been spread for others, but feed yourself spiritual milk, reminding yourself how much of the Lord’s goodness you have already tasted.

This will not only cultivate contentment as a single woman, it will serve you well in the future should the Lord bring you a husband and children. For even then, the flesh finds much to covet and envy in what others have in their husbands and children. Envy and covetousness are never satisfied with what we can possess in this life, for this life is passing away even as we gaze upon it. But, thanks be to God, we are heirs of the imperishable!

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