We are to live out of our mind, not insanely as defined by Albert Einstein, but rather out of our mind for the sake of God.  When I read this passage, I see it as a directive for me (and us) to be bold and intentional in my decision making and leave my nicely crafted and very comfortable "place" I have created for myself and look to where He wants me to be.

In order to do this, I need to listen to the Lord and deliberately and forcibly take a step towards His desires, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.  Whether it's pursuing a degree, a relationship, a career, a ministry, better health or a righteous life, it takes a first step

With any struggle, obstacle or new endeavor we face, the natural thing is to look at the enormity of the task, like The Biggest Loser contestants do in trying to lose in excess of 100 pounds.  However, as each of them found, there comes a point  where we just need to suck it up and move off of the couch or out of our comfort zone in order to start the process. 

When we begin to boldly march to the Lord's beat rather than ours, our vision for ourselves will not be from a worldly perspective but rather for a worldly outlook.


Cliff Young is a contributing writer to Sandlot Stories (arose books), as well as the monthly column, "he said-she said," in Crosswalk.com's Singles Channel.  An architect and former youth worker, he now works with Christian musicians and consults for a number of Christian ministries. Got feedback?  Send your comments and questions to cydmg@yahoo.com. 

**This article first published on January 7, 2010.