Too many people my age have lost a vision for the church....My dream is to be a part of bringing the church back to the place God has always meant for it to play in our lives....Someday I hope to pastor a church or serve under another man in whatever position I'm best suited for. I don't know all that the future holds, but I want to be in on the action, and I believe the action is in the local church.

Do you suppose Josh might be right? That, as Scripture testifies, the action really is in the church?

When I focus on fulfilling my individual gifts and calling as an individual, my impact will be limited both by my gifts and my opportunities to use them. But taking a servanthood approach to fulfillment means throwing my gifts in with those of others in the church and seeing the whole body in action. This is impact multiplied. Then position, influence, recognition, ambition, and other idols of the world are far less likely to ensnare me, because I'm making my contribution with no strings attached.

Whether leading the parade or being "a doorkeeper in the house of God" (Ps 84:10), what we are a part of, as someone once noted, is more important than the part we play.


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