And this precious woman. Can you imagine her thoughts? By this time she was hunched over, perhaps kneeling. Did she think her death was near? Because to be honest folks, it didn't look good. I am sure this woman knew of others who had been stoned. But there she stood bent over, listening to Christ. She could see him writing something in the sand. She could hear his voice  "If anyone of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her." What?  Who is this person? She stayed low to the ground. He was bending down again, and she could hear the footsteps of these angry mean as they left. What was going on? Had her fear, her expectation of death changed? Was there hope, a chance of freedom?

Then an arm grabs her – not to pull her or hurt her, but to embrace her. Jesus would straighten her up. "Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you? " I can only imagine this woman, as she wiped away her tears, looking around and seeing none of her accusers. "No one, sir" she said. Wow, no one! Then Jesus said, "Neither do I condemn you." Jesus then told her to go and leave her life of sin.

I can't imagine what fear this woman must have felt.  What was she thinking? Where was her family?  Where were her friends? Did she enjoy her lifestyle? Or was she so young, she didn't realize the consequences of her actions? Adultery breaks marriages apart. It destroys families. It destroys people. I understand adultery firsthand and how it can destroy.

I grew up with a father who was never satisfied with just my mother. When I was six years old, I found a letter written to my father from another woman. I gave the letter to my mother. This would begin the downward spiral of my parents' marriage. This letter only confirmed what my mother already knew. Despite her efforts to save the marriage, my father was not interested and continued to commit adultery throughout my childhood. My mother, without a penny to her name and no education or future but a childlike belief in Jesus Christ, left my father.

My father's actions to this day have had consequences on each of my family members. However, because my mother remained committed to her belief in Jesus Christ, she prayed for a faithful, honest and trustworthy man to come into her life. A man who would be there for her. A man who loved Jesus Christ. Yes, my mother had made mistakes but she asked for forgiveness and a new chance with a new husband. God rewarded her and they have been married for almost 30 years. My stepfather (dad) would not only bring love, hope and trust into our family but a consistent walk with Jesus Christ.

So what was this woman thinking?  How am I any different? A woman of sin, of a past, of pain and mistakes? Are my sins any different than hers? Should I be paraded up and down the street wearing a big sandwich sign or perhaps wear on my chest the letter "S" for sin. Surely I deserve it. My past has many memories of relationships in college that weren't God centered. Partying with people I thought were my friends. Disobedience and disrespect to my parents. Over the years I have made many stupid and thoughtless comments to people that I love. Comments that I can never take back. Comments that destroyed relationships that still to this day have not been reconciled even after many efforts.

Yes, I can relate to this woman. Some of my mistakes are long forgiven and forgotten while others haunt me to this day. Not because Christ hasn't forgiven me, but because sin has consequences. Consequences that can last a lifetime. But like this sad, lost woman, who desperately need a Savior, God would forgive me too. God is writing something in the sand for me and for you.

What I Have Learned From the Woman With No Stone Cast:

1. Jesus will stand for me.
This woman, who was at her end and ready to be stoned, stood before her accusers with only Jesus to defend her. Just like this woman, each of us, our homes, churches, communities may be asked to stand before our accusers. Our accusers may be the principal from you kid's school who won't let you have prayer or your boss who has told you to not bring your Bible to work, or your town who have taken the "Ten Commandments" out of the courthouse. Are you ready to be defended by Jesus? Are you prepared?