• Pack an over the door hook (Wal-Mart $2) in case there is limited closet space
  • Don’t assume they will provide hangers, soap and toiletries.
  • Bring a bathrobe. The restroom may not be in close proximity to your room.
  • Take a hostess gift they will enjoy, or take them out to dinner as a thank you. 
  • Things that make travel easier:
  • Backpack: Remember that when you turn around, the pack swats those near you. While seated on a plane I’ve almost been decapitated by a backpack on numerous occasions.
  • When boarding the plane step out of the center aisle to let people pass as quickly as possible. Keep the things you wish to use during the flight out of your luggage BEFORE boarding.  
  • In the airport keep the path to the doorway clear until it is your row is called for boarding. If the path is clogged with luggage and people, boarding takes longer. 
  • Be courteous: use low volume and ear buds when listing to music or TV, don’t kick the seat in front of you, and keep your arms and legs within your seat space. 

On the trip back home from Seattle to Orlando another young boy was seated in my row. But this adorable Canadian chap was polite, kind and a pleasure. As we chatted about his vacation he eagerly opened his bag and offered me a treat from his plethora of snacks—what a difference from the first child. However, let’s remember—he was on his way to see a VERY big mouse.    

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Publication date: November 29, 2012