Ultimately, however, this column will only ring true if it is faithful to the truth embodied in Jesus Christ and set out for us in the Bible. There is no shortage of advice for single men and women in the Christian world. All of it, I am sure, is well-meaning and sincere. Much of it is probably very insightful and practical. But I'm shooting for something more than practical. I want to draw your eyes to the Savior.

What you read here may make sense to you, or it may challenge your thinking. Whether we're talking about personal identity, gender issues, decision making, priorities, relationships, or personal growth, I have a controlling agenda and passion in all this. I want to stir your heart to love the Lord in ways that bring Him glory and truly satisfy your soul. Wisdom among Christians is evaluated ultimately on its ability to make us be more joyfully aware of Christ than we are of ourselves. I hope this column contains that kind of wisdom for you.

And this is where we are more alike than we are different. Ultimately, our experience in life is more defined by who we are in Christ and what we do with that reality than with whether we are single or married. One of the goals I had in writing The Rich Single Life was to make sure that if a non-single read it, he or she could still relate to it. This isn't "niche" material. It is a sincere attempt to apply the gospel to our experience as Christians, with a particular application to those who are living in the season of singleness.

So can you get anything from a married guy on how to live the single life? Try subtracting 274 from Tuesday and see what you get.


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