5. With yourself.
Sure. There may be some things you need to work on, but there are many more things that you can celebrate about yourself and your progress. Beating yourself up for things you regret or wish were different will not change the past. Focus on the present. Celebrate your milestones. And if you have a legitimate complaint about some aspect of your behavior or your life, then take action towards changing it. It’s your choice. Stop complaining and work towards your solution. Focus your energy on what you want and you’ll create just that.

Journaling assignment:
In what ways am I overly critical of things, people or myself? What new thoughts would I like to focus on in these areas?

My challenge to you this week:
For the next seven days, choose to focus on what’s right about the things and people in your life, as well as what’s right about you!

Taken from Rich Minds, Rich Rewards E-Newsletter.  Written and distributed by Inspire, Inc. Copyright (c) 2007 Valorie Burton. All rights reserved. Used with permission. www.valorieburton.com.

Valorie Burton, a life coach and speaker, is the author of Listen to Your Life, Rich Minds, Rich Rewards, What's Really Holding You Back?, and her latest, Why Not You?