Chismar: You also spoke to non-Christian men too, correct?


McKinney Hammond:  Yeah. I asked both. The bottom line was, yes, they are visual creatures, but they didn’t insist that everybody be a size two with a six-pack of abs. They just wanted women who were healthy and who liked their bodies, who took care of their bodies no matter what the size was. Of course, some men prefer smaller women, or whatever. However, their thing was not so much just a muscle-bound person, but a woman they didn’t have to be concerned about: “Is she healthy?  Is she going to fall apart?” and “Does she like her body?”


Chismar:  You mention the power of words. How can words affect a relationship?


McKinney Hammond:  It’s interesting. I think women know the secret of this, but they tend to use praise as a weapon. They use it as ransom. A man’s heart is made just like ours, so he seeks honor and respect and praise. He blossoms under that. Women need to know the natural power that they have as exhorters and encouragers to be able to bring out the best in the man by simply giving him a compliment or praising him. If you’re dissatisfied with what he’s doing, find something good that he’s doing and play that up. What that does is, it causes him to pull himself up and rise to another level because he wants more praise.


Chismar:  I have one last question … for those who have been accused of “being too picky.” Should we settle for second best or “good enough?”


McKinney Hammond: I don’t think we should ever settle, because God says that He’s able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we could ask or think. Actually, He’s supposed to exceed our expectations, if you can imagine that. Something is not necessarily better than nothing. I think to the hungry soul it is, but that just gives you indigestion. You know what I mean? We really have to be careful and not say, “Well, nothing else good is going to come so I should just take this.”  Don’t settle for less than what you really want. God wants to give you not only what you want, but what you need.