Finally, sign up for premarital counseling – and not just a few token sessions, either.  You should, of course, meet with the pastor who will perform your wedding, who will likely want to advise you over a period of weeks or months.  But it’s rare these days for a minister to have the kind of time (or training) required to deal with the complex problems most couples face, once they start being honest about their issues. 

So look into a premarital preparation program, which can run as long as 12 weeks.  If need be, supplement with private sessions.  There are also a host of premarital retreats that you can explore together.  Don’t limit yourself to just one option.  The more, the merrier.

And remember: what better investment can you make than your future?  It’s a gift for generations to come – and you have only now to prepare. So prepare well.

This is Part One of a series written by Annabelle Robertson, a military chaplain’s wife and the author of “The Southern Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Newlywed Years: How to Stay Sane Once You’ve Caught Your Man.”  For more information about "The Southern Girl’s Guide" and to watch a video of Annabelle Robertson, please visit

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