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Apps in Home Education

Do you plan to buy a mobile device in the coming year for use in your homeschool and household?

A Dying Tree

One of the saddest things for me in ministry is witnessing people who once were vibrant, blooming, growing church members. Now, I never see them. That breaks my heart.

Why do Christians Suffer?

We can better appreciate God's sovereignty, even in darkest nights, by observing 10 reasons we suffer, according to Scripture.

Embracing the Story Behind Christmas

Black Friday, Cyber Monday -- enough already! Christians are called to prepare for Christmas in an entirely different way.

  • John Stonestreet |
  • November 29, 2012 |
  • comments
Laughter and Joy During Christmas

You and I can be incredibly burdened right during the season when we should be the most joyful!

  • Debbie Przybylski |
  • November 29, 2012 |
  • comments
Learning Obedience: The Great Debate

There are times when our children need to just obey without debating. But there are also times for listening to them.

How Do I Get through a Holiday Party Alone?

Attending holiday functions can be hard when you’re alone. So what’s a single to do? Read more in this edition of “He Said-She Said.”

  • Cliff Young & Laura MacCorkle |
  • November 28, 2012 |
  • comments
Be Sure to Fail a Little Every Day

Gifted students tend to be self-critical perfectionists even while difficult subjects come easily to them. How to deal with setbacks?

Can You Explain the Gospel?

What Scripture would you use, in your effort to explain the Gospel?

$pending This Christmas or Spending It Well

The Christmas season is upon us and with it overwhelming encouragement to spend what we have not earned to buy what we cannot afford.

Marriage Expert Q & A with Mary DeMuth

Join me & author Mary DeMuth as she shares insights for - inviting Jesus into the center of your family life - how to handle unmet marriage expectations - how to build the Christian family you never had - and more!

Stuff Christians Say
Stuff Christians Say

All in good fun, Tripp and Tyler showcase a variety of common Christian verbiage. Get a laugh (and maybe a new perspective on how we sound to the world) out of this one today! Download here:

  • 'worshiphousemedia' on |
  • November 27, 2012 |
  • comments
Bitter or Better?

Why is it that when bad things happen some people emerge better and stronger, and some cave into bitterness?

Advent in Church and Cultural Tradition

Celebrating Advent helps families prepare for the coming of Christ. But where do Advent traditions come from?

Playing "Second Fiddle" to His Ministry

A reader asks, "I struggle with being second in his life, because ministry is first right now. Am I missing a sign?" Check out our latest edition of He Said-She Said.

  • Kris Swiatocho, Cliff Young |
  • November 25, 2012 |
  • comments
Film Revives Questions about Lincoln's Faith

The nature of Abraham Lincoln's faith -- or the lack thereof -- has remained one of the most fascinating aspects of the man who freed the slaves and preserved the Union.

  • Kimberly Winston |
  • November 25, 2012 |
  • comments
My Bible Teacher is in Sin. What Do I Do?

What should you do if you know a church leader is living in sin? Dr. Roger shares his answer for confronting sinful behavior.

  • Dr. Roger Barrier |
  • November 25, 2012 |
  • comments
Lifestyles of the Rich and Frustrated

Sometimes having less can be a blessing.

  • Dr. Ray Pritchard |
  • November 23, 2012 |
  • comments
Deep in Debt? Try a Shopping Fast

Why do a shopping fast? It cultivates discipline, resourcefulness, and opportunities for generosity.

Discipline Meant for Protection

I don't know about you, but rods and staffs, those were tools of discipline in my home. Ok well not exactly a rod, more like a wooden spoon but when you're on the tail end of it, it's pretty much the same thing.(Can I get a witness? Yup, that just happened.) But in the phases of life, there are transitions.

  • Julianna Morlet |
  • November 23, 2012 |
  • comments
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