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A Practical Guide to Protecting Your Pastor's Marital Fidelity

How the church should walk alongside its pastor to help him keep his marriage vows with joy.

How to Spot a Healthy Church - Quickly

"I have come to the conclusion that there are two very obvious indicators of church health that the one-time visitor can gauge very quickly."

How to Spot a Healthy Church in 30 Seconds

I knew almost instantly from the actions and voices of the children that the family was a healthy one. Is it likewise possible to ascertain within a few seconds whether a church is healthy?

Is the Sabbath Still Required for Christians?

Jesus does not clearly abolish the Sabbath, nor does he violate its stipulations. But if the Sabbath is a holdover from the Mosaic covenant, are Christians bound to observe it?

  • Thomas R. Schreiner |
  • February 13, 2013 |
  • comments
The Seismic Shift in Outreach

There has been a seismic shift in outreach that few church leaders are understanding, much less pursuing.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • February 06, 2013 |
  • comments
A Message To Pastors: Don't Give Up on Prayer

I've spent a great deal of time moving our church to be "devoted to prayer." During this time, I have developed some fundamentals that I believe I must adhere to if God is going to use me to lead our church toward this goal.

Is Tithing for the New Testament Believer?

A few weeks ago I wrote an article called “Why it’s Important to Keep Tithing in Tough Economic Times” and, quite frankly, I was surprised by the many follow up comments from Christians who don’t believe that tithing is for today...

The Gift of Tongues and the Gift of Art

The problem I had was that throughout all of that rolling and screaming of the charismatic service, not once did I feel God's presence.

Communion & Coleslaw

An announcement about the celebration of the Lord's Supper made someone wonder if they needed to bring coleslaw. Awesome. But this is not a situation unique to a church that is reaching the unchurched.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • January 09, 2013 |
  • comments
How Avoidance of Church Discipline Is Like Doctor Shopping

There’s a certain type of personality that doesn't want accountability, but affirmation. When a pastor tells him the opposite of what he wants to hear, he leaves and goes to find a pastor or counselor who will.

How the Church Can Reclaim Art's Draw & Creative Power

Art was once the domain of the Church: Christians created art that glorified God and drew people closer to His Son. Today, however, much of the Church neglects or underemphasizes God-given creativity. Here's how to cast a vision For the Beauty of the Church.

Does the Church Thrive Under Persecution?

Is it true that lazy and complacent Christianity develops in "safe" countries, while persecution fosters a robust Christianity?

Bullying is "Why we left the church for good."

Bullying, one of the least recognized, anti-family forces today, is causing more people to leave Church.

Church Conflict: Why Not Rather be Wronged?

A dog can whip a polecat, the saying goes, but it’s not worth it. Some fights you need to walk away from.

Ministry: Spiritually Hazardous to Your Soul

Many leaders have fallen into adultery. Why is this happening so frequently?

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • November 28, 2012 |
  • comments
Personal Convictions vs. Biblical Truth

What is the difference between a personal conviction and biblical truth? Dr. Roger explains.

  • Dr. Roger Barrier |
  • November 21, 2012 |
  • comments
He Said-She Said: What Can the Church Do for Singles?

A reader asks: "Why does it seem most churches focus so much on married couples? And what can singles do to fit in better?" Find out how "he" and "she" have answered and what they have to say about a single’s role in the Church.

  • Cliff Young and Laura MacCorkle |
  • November 14, 2012 |
  • comments
Ten Missional Prayers for the Church Today

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • November 07, 2012 |
  • comments
The Church/Family Disconnect

Though thousands of people still attend churches around the world, very few truly experience the connection between God’s design for the church and living their lives within that design as God intended. Why the disconnect?

Christianity Isn't Dying, Cultural Christianity Is

Is Christianity dying out in American? Ph.D researcher and practicing evangelical Christian Ed Stetzer says, "Not so fast."

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