The time has come for us to take sustained and vigorous action on behalf of the Wunderlich family and German homeschoolers.

HSLDA is working diligently on the next step in this fight for freedom, and we are counting on you to join with us in the battle!

1. Please keep the Wunderlichs in your thoughts and prayers.

2. Will you help us expand our efforts to communicate our grave concern over the abuse of this family’s human rights?

The German government needs to know in no uncertain terms that this action against the Wunderlichs is not acceptable.

  • Call and email the German Embassy in Washington, D.C. (Already contacted them? That’s OK—contact them again.)
  • Call and email the nine German consulates in key cities across the U.S.

    Talking points

    You are shocked and dismayed at the German actions in sending a SWAT team to remove the Wunderlich children.

    A UN rapporteur has criticized Germany for its harsh treatment of homeschoolers in his 2006 report on the German education system (see paragraphs 62 and 93 (g) of the report).

    Germany authorities should immediately release the Wunderlich children to their parents.

    Germany should promptly change its law to permit homeschooling to comply with its obligations under international law.


    Farris: Germany Breaking Pledge to Protect Rights

    For ideas on human rights arguments, visit

3. You can help us raise awareness of Germany’s mistreatment of the Wunderlich family by placing ads in major newspapers in the United States and in Germany—click here.

4. You can support our fight for the Wunderlich family by donating to the Homeschool Freedom Fund.


> Read their story

> See pictures of the family

Contact Information

Note: Calls are answered first in German followed by English (stay on the line).

German Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Phone: (202) 298-4000

Email: online contact form

  • Please select “Other—Email the German Embassy” as the subject line for the online contact form. If you receive an error message in Google Chrome, please try a different browser.

German Consulates

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