The bill referred to above is council bill 2012-226. A separate bill has been filed, council bill No. 2012-248 (sponsored by Councilmember Seifried) that would put an ordinance amendment to a vote of the citizens. Tonight (August 27) the city council may consider the Seifried bill as well as Council Bill No. 2012-226.

The Seifried bill is different in several respects from bill 2012-226. Here are several significant differences:

  • Bill 2012-226 deletes the Commission’s power to launch educational programs. The Seifried bill does not.
  • Bill 2012-226 requires the Commission to dismiss frivolous complaints if there is no probable cause that a violation has occurred. The Seifried bill does not.
  • Bill 2012-226 gives protection to any non-profit organization that a religious organization operates, supervises or controls if the purpose and character are primarily religious. The Seifried bill’s protection is much narrower.
  • The Seifried bill allows the Commission to pursue complaints of a wide scope; bill 2012-226 only allows complaints related to a violation of the ordinance.
  • Bill 2012-226 takes away the Commission’s power to issue subpoenas. The Seifried bill does not.
  • Bill 2012-226 makes it a violation to file a knowingly false complaint; the Seifried bill does not.

Scott A. Woodruff Esq. answers questions and assists members with legal issues in Missouri. He and his wife homeschooled their children.

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Publication date: August 29, 2012