HSLDA was surprised and disappointed to learn that the Department’s brief contained many inaccuracies. Specifically, the Department failed to inform the court that Jacob has had three clear PET scans, which have yielded no evidence of cancer. Even more surprising, the Department’s brief failed to address the Stielers’ principal argument in this case: parents, not the state or its doctors, have the fundamental, God-given right to choose and direct the medical care that their children receive.

HSLDA filed a reply brief on behalf of the Stielers, in order to correct these errors and set the record straight. For those of you who are interested, you can read the Department’s brief, as well as our response (both documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader).

HSLDA Founder and Chairman Mike Farris is traveling to Lansing to represent the Stielers before the Michigan Court of Appeals, which will hear oral arguments on Wednesday morning, July 11. Please pray for the Stielers as we prepare for this next challenge in the battle to defend their fundamental parental rights. We would also appreciate your ongoing support as the expenses for this case continue. You can donate to the Home School Freedom Fund online.

In the meantime, the Stielers continue to monitor Jacob’s condition closely. We rejoice with the Stielers that Jacob had a fourth consecutive clear PET scan in May.

Courtesy HSLDA. Used with permission.

Since founding HSLDA in 1983, Michael Farris has used his extensive experience in both politics and appellate litigation to defend parental rights and help grow the organization to over 80,000 member families. He is also the founding president and current Chancellor of Patrick Henry College, a Christian institution with the mission of training students through a classical liberal arts curriculum and apprenticeship methodology to impact the world “for Christ and for Liberty.”

Farris has written over a dozen books, including three novels, a constitutional law textbook, and works on marriage, parenting, homeschooling, political advocacy, and religious liberty. His daily radio program, Home School Heartbeat, airs on several hundred stations nationwide.

In recognition of his work in home education, Education Week has named Farris one of the “Top 100 Faces in Education of the 20th Century.” Heritage Foundation awarded him its Salvatori Award for American Citizenship in 2002.

Mike and Vickie Farris live in Purcellville, Virginia, and have 10 children and 10 grandchildren.

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Publication date: July 11, 2012