Finding Treasures in Trials...


"Steps involved in treasure hunting: 


1. Recognize the pain you've experience-don't deny the anger and hurt.  


2. When it's called for, go through a grieving period.  


3. During the midst of a trial, hang on to the hand of God.  Concentrate on keeping your eyes and expectations focused on Him.  


4. Wait expectantly on the Lord, like a child on Christmas morning, to bring to light the gold, blessing, or benefits that come from the trials you're experiencing.  


5. Use the extra sensitivity, compassion, endurance, or wisdom you've gained from a trial to help others."

From It Takes Two to Tango by Gary and Norma Smalley.

All excerpts from It Takes Two to Tango are copyright 1997, Gary and Norma Smalley, and are used with permission.

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