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Houston, We Have a Constitution

John Kennedy taught us, rightly, to ask not what our country can do for us, but what we can do for our country. Our country deserves our allegiance. But no government can set itself up as our god.

7 of the Most Incredible Things Jesus Ever Said

Of all the things surprising and wonderful and memorable words Jesus spoke, here are 7 of the most incredible.

Obamacare Architect Wants Us To Die Age 75

In "Why I Hope To Die At 75" Ezekiel Emmanuel, one of the primary architects of Obamacare, argues that we, our families, and society would be better off if we all died about age 75.

What Compels Compliance?

Punishment and judgment don’t create a reformed heart, they create—at best—a heart full of fear, and—at worst—a heart full of rebellion.

  • Tullian Tchividjian |
  • October 16, 2014 |
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To Be Gospel-Centered, You Need the Holy Spirit

Are we talking about the gospel to the neglect of the Spirit’s working in our lives? Are we substituting the gospel for the Spirit when explaining how we operate as Christians in the world? I think those are valid questions, and I want to briefly attempt to answer the question in this post.

How to Get Things Done: Time, Energy & Mission

I believe we tend to focus too much on time management and too little on energy management. Yet in many vocations and in many places in life it is energy, not time, that is the more valuable commodity.

Same-Sex Marriage and the Supreme Court: What Now for the Church?

Let’s move forward with persuasion and with confidence. This is no time for retreat or for resentment. This is a time for mission.

10 Characteristics to Look for in an Aspiring Pastor

Scripture must first be our guide when evaluating a young man’s desire for pastoral ministry. Here are 10 characteristics that help me gauge this.

Big Bang Research - Part I

does the new big bang research match up with what theists would have predicted?

New Big Bang Research - Part II

What about the Big Bang - from the Christian perspective?

What Makes an Effective, Powerful Preacher?

Modern evangelicals would answer this in a variety of ways. Let us examine A.W. Tozer's insightful words.

The Evangelistic Value of Electing Elders

Who we elect to church office should be considered a major part of our evangelistic message to the world

The Six Faces of Sloth

We don’t hear about sloth much these days, but it’s a good word, one we ought to get reacquainted with, because it holds a major key to life-change through the power of God.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • October 02, 2014 |
  • comments
Church History Resources for Children

Although sometimes viewed as something less than real “ministry,” teaching children is a significant ministry opportunity in and of itself. It’s also a great training ground for learning about ministering to people of all ages and backgrounds.

  • Theologically Driven |
  • October 02, 2014 |
  • comments
Religion, Politics...and a Christian Mind

Just hearing the two words, “religion” and “politics,” and the blood pressure rises, doesn’t it? All the more reason to be surprised by a recent Pew Research Center study finding that an increasing number of people actually wish there was more religion in politics. Research points to a “growing appetite” for such things as church-endorsed candidates and other church-state intersections.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • October 02, 2014 |
  • comments
How Should a Pastor Approach Pre-marital Counseling?

In light of the tendency to oversimply, or bog down your young engaged couple with too much to do, here are 3 areas I find very helpful and thorough, whether you have a few weeks or as “many weeks as needed” before the big day.

Are Churches in Denial about Mental Illness?

What’s behind the silence about mental illness at church? LifeWay Research has discovered various factors, but it seems to come down to lack of training and resources, not a lack of compassion.


We make our choices and our choices turn around and make us.

  • Dr. Ray Pritchard |
  • September 25, 2014 |
  • comments
Musing about Music

In Scripture, music provides a platform for mutual and reflective praise, joy, thanksgiving, lament, hope, victory, and the recollection of the works of God.

  • Theologically Driven |
  • September 25, 2014 |
  • comments
Whatever Became of Church? (Part One)

With jaw-dropping vigor, ignorance, and at times unblushing gall, increasing sectors of the evangelical world are abandoning two thousand years of ecclesiology; as if the church was some malleable human construct that can be shaped, altered, redefined or even disposed of as desired.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • September 18, 2014 |
  • comments
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