A ventriloquist and his little dog were traveling through the country and stopped at a farm house where the man promised the farmer he would have the dog talk some for him if he would give them something to eat.

The farmer brought out some supper for the man and some bone scraps for the little dog. As they were eating, the ventriloquist asked the dog, "How do you like your supper, Carlo?" "Plenty bone but not much meat!" the dog replied.

The farmer was astounded, said, "What'll you take for that dog?"

The traveller said, "Oh, couldn't part with my dog."

"I'll give you $50 for him," the farmer said. The ventriloquist said, "What do you think, Carlo?" And Carlo spoke back to him, "Why, that other feller offered you $150, and now you'd sell me for just $50?" "Well, I need the money bad, Carlo," the man said, and told the farmer he would take the fifty if he would give him fifty more when he came back through in a month or two. The farmer said he would, and counted out $50 for him.

The man handed the farmer the string that was tied around Carlo's neck and told Carlo goodbye. "Are you sure you're coming back?" Carlo asked him as he walked away.

The traveller said yes he was.

"Well," the dog said, "I'm sorry you're selling me, but I'd hate to see you get gypped. I'll not speak another word til you come back and this old guy gives you the rest of the money."