A family had just sat down to enjoy their lunch one Sunday, when there was a pronounced knock on the front door. The man of the house rose and went impatiently to the door and quickly opened it.

To his surprise there was no-one there and so he looked around to see what had made the noise.

As he was about to shut the door again, he noticed on the doorstep a strangely alert looking snail.

The snail cleared its throat and said in a clear, but squeaky voice Excuse me, but are you about to enjoy a wonderful Sunday meal?"

The man was stunned and replied , "Yes, but what's it to you?"

Whereupon the snail replied, "My family and I are starving so I was wondering if you could spare us just a little!"

The man was utterly gobsmacked and shouted angrily, "You cheeky little snail!" and promptly kicked the snail right over his own hedge and into his neighbour's garden.

He sat down again with his family and they finished their meal and to another thought was given to the incident.

A few weeks went by. Another Sunday lunch was once more taking place. The family were sitting around the table. They were about to enjoy a feast of a meal when there was again a pronounced knock on the door. The father arose, strode to the door and threw it open only to find no-one there.

Once more as he was about to shut the door, he noticed that this strangely alert looking snail was on the doorstep again.

The snail fixed him with a sad look in his eye and said with the utmost hurt in his voice . "What did you do that for?"