1.. We admitted that we were powerless Microsoft Windows and that our computers had become unmanageable.

2.. Came to believe that an operating system greater than Microsoft Windows could restore us to greater productivity.

3.. Made a decision to turn our hardware and data over to the care of better software as we understood it.

4.. Made a fearless and searching inventory of our wrecked data.

5.. Admitted to God, ourselves and another human being, the exact nature of Microsoft Windows.

6.. Were entirely ready to have Linux remove all of these defects from our computers.

7.. Made a list of hardware supported under Linux.

8.. Made a backup of all files that Microsoft Windows had harmed.

9.. Corrected data to such files where possible, except where such corrections would harm other files.

10.. Humbly installed Linux onto our hard drives.

11.. Searched through man pages, HOWTOs , the internet and Slashdot, to improve our understanding and use of Linux.

12.. Having had a productive awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to windowholics and to practice these principles in all of our affairs.