Two of the secretaries at the high school where I taught for many years had a morning break together and it was their practice to share sweets and coffee daily in the teachers' room. One day one would bring something to share and the next day the other would bring something to share.

Frequently a male teacher would pass through while the ladies were taking their morning break. He would see their goodies on the table and say something like.

"Oh, doughnuts!"

Then he would help himself and keep right on going into the copy room. This practice of his grated on their nerves since he was never offered anything, never contributed, or even asked if he could help himself.

So one day after they had taken all of this they could, they took a doughnut that was filled with custard, squeezed out the custard and replaced it with mustard. That day the male teacher came in helped himself to the only doughnut left on the plate and kept on walking. He never said one word about the mustard, but he never did come in again while the secretaries were taking their break.